Selected Bibliography

Here you will find links and information on works I have published in the past or have signed contracts for the future.  This is a selected bibliography, meaning I don’t have all my publications listed.  Why?  Because initially I wrote under a different name and don’t want to muddy the waters, or I forgot a publication, or I want to forget a publication.  Take your pick!

Where applicable I have linked the journal and/or directly to the story.


“Mermaid Caviar,” Chew on This! Anthology by Blood Bound Press, 2020

“I Was Recently Hired to Analyze Diversity at a Business.  Here are the Names of People I Have Met So Far”  McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, 2019

Times I’ve Lost My Brother, Ninth Letter, 2019 (CNF Prose Poetry)

“Only the Names II” Proximity, 2018 (CNF Prose Poetry)

“Pressed Lincolns,” Pantheon Magazine.  2017.

“Marta Martinez Saves the World,” Apokrupha (Kaiju Revisited #1), 2016- Novella

“Only the Names” “Fostering Dreams”  WaterStone Review

Better Homes” The Journal of Compressed Arts, 2016 (CNF, Prose Poetry)

Rustles from Within,” Strangelet, 2016

Bioluminescent Memory,” Artemis Rising edition of Escape Pod, 2016

“A Harvest of Souls,” Lamplight, 2015

“Anti-Theft,”  Cemetery Dance #72, 2015

“Pressed Lincolns,” Perpetual Motion Machine One-Night Stand Series (E-book-OOP) 2014

“Gemma Bugs Out,” The Journal of Unlikely Entomology , 2014


“Gemma Bugs Out” by Victorya Chase -+- Gemma’s mother dies from a bee sting when she is twelve. Since then, her father does nothing but watch “The Bachelor” and she turns into a bug/insect/arachnid whenever she is stung by one. As an adult, she develops a relationship with Jack, a female letter carrier. Can their relationship survive her secret? Strange but nice story.

SF Revu, 2014

Neat original idea.

from Locus Online review (longer review at link), 2014

“Baby Candle,” Daily Nightmare Anthology, 2014

“Someone Else’s Children,” Goreyesque, 2014

“Childhood Animals,” Goldfish Grimm’s Spicy Fiction Sushi, 2014

“The Inside Man,” Timeless Tales, 2014

“Dreaming of the Mananangaal,” A Cappella Zoo # 9, 2012 reprinted in A Cappella Zoo Anthology:  Queer and Familiar, the Trans, Gay, and Lesbian Collection, 2015 and By Polaris Bright


 Victorya Chase brings life to the fairytale in “Dreaming of the Manananggal.” The Manananggal, a female horror figure who can split her body at the waist, is a creature of Filipino folklore. Chase utilizes this monster to transform a negative depiction of lesbianism—the Manananggal sucks fetuses out of the womb with her tongue—into a positive creature of healing and understanding. Mourning the death of her lover Jennie to cancer, the narrator kidnaps a Manananggal. The Manananggal comes to represent connection between the narrator and Jennie, as well as the narrator and her mother. Jennie “asked me to tell her stories about [ . . . ] my family. I told her fairy tales instead.” Fairytales become the language of love between women as Chase queers our understanding of fairytales and how we heal.

 – Newpages, February 2016

“The Cat Psychic,” Lunch Ticket, 2012

“The Lure of Water, ” The Mothman Files, Woodland Press, 2011

“Michael Ballantine Remembers His Name,” Shroud Digital, 2010

“Rocking My Dreamboat,” ,  Northern Frights Publishing, 2010

“To Love a Monster,” War of the Worlds:  Frontlines, Northern Frights Publishing, 2010

“War is a Song With Constantly Changing Rhythms,” Necrotic Tissue 10, 2010

“Scars That Let The Light Shine Through,” ASIM #43, 2009

“Saved by a Stray,” Chicken Soup for the Soul:  What I Learned From the Cat, 2009

For a period of time I also co-wrote “Dementis Mortuus” with Danny Evarts (I wrote the story, he blanked it out), a series of horror madlibs for Shroud Magazine.


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